phone case dropshipping fulfillment service

Phone Case Dropshipping And Fulfillment Service At HATO Case

If you are starting a phone case service, then dropshipping phone case business model is going to be a promising option for you. Moreover, the fulfillment service of the dropshipping model is a great option for your start-up business so that you can save a lot of time and free up your stock inventory.

Let’s see how you can benefit from the phone case dropshipping model and fulfillment service.

What is the business model of dropshipping phone cases?

With the increasing usage of smartphones from all over the world, many of you might see it’s a good time to start selling phone cases and the profit that it can bring to you as the business owner. However, it’s not that easy to start a business that costs you very much at storing a large variety of cell phone cases and setting up a printing phone case service.

That’s why some phone case manufacturers offer dropshipping and fulfillment service for those who want to sell phone case accessories but have little capital.

phone case dropshipping fulfillment service

Dropshipping is a business model in which the sellers or retailers do not keep any physical products in inventory. In this business model, the seller is a dropshipper, and the manufacturer is a dropshipping supplier.

For example, when a customized phone case order is placed by the customer, the seller will transfer it to the phone case supplier or manufacturer. The cell phone cases are stored at the factory and it will be printed on demand when the sellers send customer’s orders to the manufacturer.

It basically means that you do not have to stock any products or own an inventory as a business owner. Your cooperative manufacturer, the dropshipping supplier, will be the one who tracks stock and order shipment.

What is dropshipping fulfillment service?

Order fulfillment service is offered by the dropshipping supplier. The fulfilling order is considered to be an essential part of the dropshipping process where the manufacturer receives orders from dropshippers’ customers and ships the products directly to the customers.

  • In print-on-demand phone case industry, the dropshipping and fulfillment process follows a common process, such as:
  • Products and goods such as plain cell phone cases, inks, packaging are imported and stored at the phone case manufacturer;
    When an order is placed, the supplier takes the order and starts to print them on demand;
  • Once the finished product is packed, the dropshipping supplier will print a shipping label, and give the package to the shipping carrier to proceed to send to the customer.
phone case fulfillment service

Lately, the significant growth of the print-on-demand phone case industry has changed the business model from standard retail model (that retailers have to keep products available in stock) into dropshipping and fulfillment methods.

Dropshipping and fulfillment phone case services are available at most phone case factories . No more inventory issues, you only need to take over your business management and marketing, like offline shopping, online sales channels, and e-commerce.

Benefits of running a phone case dropshipping business

Regarding the explanation of dropshipping and fulfillment service, we can easily understand why dropshipping is the key for your future phone case business growth. In addition, the rise of some global e-commerce platforms, such as Shopee, Lazada, Shopify and Etsy,… allows phone case sellers and retailers to dropship globally at the lowest risks.

phone case dropshipping fulfillment

Dropshipping phone cases can resolve the biggest concern of investment capital for every seller and retailer. To run a business, you as the owners all know that you have to purchase a huge amount of stock inventory for better margins. Especially in the print-on-demand phone case service, there are various ranges of phone cases for the customer’s phone model. So they will cost you a lot in purchasing products and materials, operating the phone case factory, and tracking inventory…

As a certainty, running your business in the dropshipping model can save up your time and money. Then you can concentrate on marketing, optimizing sales channels, e-commerce, and expanding your business.

You can take advantage of the fulfillment service too. With a little expense on order fulfillment service, your business shipping procedure will be optimized and tracked by the reliable shipping carriers. Dropshipping and fulfillment service can expand your business globally thanks to the enormous demand from all over the world.

phone case dropshipping fulfillment service

In short, the phone case dropshipping model and fulfillment service give you a promising opportunity to build your own business at minimum cost. Of course it demands much hard-work and effort from you. Now the question is: What would you choose between a phone case manufacturer from Vietnam and from China?

Why should we choose to dropship with phone case suppliers in Vietnam instead of China?

Dropshipping has become worthwhile in 2020 since covid-19 pandemic caused the change of shopping habits. So it’s high time to start dropship phone case shops or businesses.

It is also important to make sure that you are cooperating with the reliable phone case manufacturer. Most businesses would choose to work with suppliers in China because of their high production capability and cheap labor.

However, since the covid-19 pandemic, the number of dropshippers seeking for a reliable supplier shifting from China to Vietnam has been increasing lately. Here are 03 key reasons why you should consider dropshipping phone cases with a Vietnamese supplier rather than a Chinese supplier.

phone case dropshipping supplier in vietnam

Dropshipping phone case manufacturers in Vietnam are more efficient

Dropshipping is great for those who sell on-demand phone cases and don’t want to invest too much money in inventory or a printing service house. If you want to work with a direct phone case manufacturer competing on price in the market, you can take Vietnam as the direct best option to get low prices yet better quality.

More and more dropshippers are sourcing products in the Southeast Asia area to sell to the US and Europe. Suppliers in Vietnam have become more open and global, and are no stranger to the dropshipping business model. Therefore, you can pay out to them quickly and easily too.

Since manufacturing capabilities in Vietnam have started to grow lately, and their factories export their products worldwide, you can dropship phone cases in massive supply with an assurance of high quality and good price.

Vietnam is most known as one of the largest manufacturers of shoes and clothing worldwide. It has the most major export capacity in the world. It proves the capacity of Vietnam manufacturers. So incorporating dropship phone case business in Vietnam can be an ideal business model for startups or businesses that are new to the phone case industry.

phone case dropshipping fulfillment service

Dropship phone case in Vietnam gives your business a diversity of shipping methods

The development of the logistics industry has created great opportunities for phone case printing suppliers in Vietnam to expand the dropship business model for both domestic and foreign sellers. Thanks to that, the orders fulfillment process at the Vietnam phone case factories has become more and more complete and professional.

Currently, there are more than 10+ popular shipping carriers supporting domestic and foreign delivery services in Vietnam. You can discover dropshipping phone case suppliers with fast shipping and direct delivery to your customers via orders fulfillment services.

phone case dropshipping supplier in vietnam

Dropshipping phone case suppliers in Vietnam make great efforts to be competitive opponents of China

We all know that China by far has the biggest manufacturers accounting for more than 30 percent of worldwide output. They always offer higher production capability and quality at the lowest price.

However, Vietnam suppliers are making great efforts to leverage its skilled labor to compete not just with China but also in Southeast Asia. If you have decided to start your dropshipping business in the phone case industry, you can use Vietnam as the direct best spot to get better production quality at a reasonable price.

Among the thousands of phone case dropshipping manufacturers or suppliers in Vietnam, it could be a bit hard and confusing for those who are business owners seeking for a reliable and good one. Not until you start to cooperate with HATO Case, known as the most popular phone case suppliers and print-on-demand services in Vietnam. Let’s see what HATO Case offers you if your business uses dropshipping and orders fulfillment services here.

phone case factory

Dropshipping and fulfillment services at HATO Case phone case supplier

HATO Case is the biggest supplier in Vietnam who specializes in manufacturing high-quality custom phone cases. We offer the best services in printing and customized solutions for our partner (Print-On-Demand service).

We are expert at producing large quantities and high quality custom phone cases for companies and dropshipping businesses. With many years of experience in the field, serving thousands of individual and corporate customers, HATO affirms to meet the criteria and promises beneficial cooperation with dropshipping and fulfillment services.

phone case manufacturer

Unique method of UV digital printing from Japan for the best phone cases production

HATO Case is well-known as the professional UV printing on phone case manufacturer and supplier in Vietnam. We offer the best customized phone case production with reliable color, sharp detail and high resolution 03 times higher than normal printing technology.

Our phone case manufacturer has well-equipped facilities with the best UV digital printers and premium ink imported from Japan. Choosing a suitable manufacturing that meets your requirements of quality essentially guarantees you success in starting dropshipping phone case business.

printing phone case

High-quality materials and flexible types of phone cases

HATO Case provides massive diversification of phone case types and materials. Obviously, it would be great if the product range of your business consists of lots of different phone cases that meet your customer’s needs.

As phone cases are made to protect your cell phones, which is worth $1,000. Shock-resistant, durable, strong and stiff are some common essential features that our phone cases have.

phone case supplier

The only phone case supplier in Vietnam offers excellent warranty and return policy

We understand that it is tough and a bit risky when you aren’t working face-to-face, when there are language barriers and miscommunication possibilities, when the location of the phone case factory is across your boundary.

At HATO, the high rate of failure is eliminated when we are the most well-known domestic phone case supplier in Vietnam. Everything you need to know about HATO, such as permits, certificates, business address, name, contact number will be informed as your request.

phone case dropshipping fulfillment service

HATO Case offers professional online support for dropshippers

There are many ways to get in touch with HATO Case through many communication technologies, such as Skype, Facebook, and Email,… Being able to negotiate with HATO’s phone case manufacturer is our advantage when cooperating with us. HATO Case has English speaking representatives that will comprehend your needs and together we can conquer all the problems.

Start your phone case dropshipping business and order fulfillment services and discover your best solution for your phone case startup or business at HATO Case now!

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